Industries We Serve

The strategies you need are different from others in your market. The scope of our service through 17 years has touched every industry vertical imaginable. When you work with us, you quickly learn how flexible and nimble we are. We create and execute marketing programs customized for your specific situation. We build customer awareness and drive sales, form a rock solid reputation, and seize opportunities to grow market share.

A Few Examples


From making the sale to providing superior customer service and support, you’ll have access to everything you need to increase sales and strengthen relationships, improve client satisfaction, and grow brand identity, in every country and culture.


We work with companies which offer products that when described sound like they come from a sci-fi movie. These businesses know the value of technical expertise and skills to advance their opportunities in the market.


At World Internet Marketing, we’re engaged to ensure government projects and plans are achieved and executed. Our skilled support and expertise facilitate national and international government programs that make a difference to communities in your neighborhood and around the globe.

Travel and Hospitality.

We have been a leading provider of solutions for top names in travel services, transportation, hotels and hospitality around the globe. Our teams work seamlessly as part of our client solutions, to deliver critical services that could range from creating customized platforms for leading global travel providers to managing services from multiple providers. Our clients serve high-value clients who expect and accept only the highest level of excellence.

Financial Services.

Increased oversight means financial servicers have greater needs for compliance - from banks and brokers, to insurance providers and investment representatives. We support top institutions in countries around the globe in the financial services industry with valuable insight in processing and handling diverse client transactions; we create new markets and drive brand equity, shorten the sales cycle, and enhance client satisfaction.


As one of the fastest-growing industries, healthcare complexity requires superior talent to adapt to changing requirements – from the public and regulatory agencies. Our professionals deliver front-end and back-office support, assist in resource management, in staffing and in other human capital needs. Whether yours is an individual practice or a corporation staffed by hundreds, we've got you covered.


Changes in the automotive industry in recent years have impacted these businesses' ability to build and refresh consumer confidence, satisfaction and loyalty. Top brands look to us to accelerate their success – they value our experience and expertise, and see it skillfully applied to their projects.

Food Service.

Competition among local businesses is hot, and the best way to tackle and target area residents may start with a focused campaign that adds advertising and social campaign development.


From neighborhood institutions to Park Avenue donors, the lifeline of an organization is the community served.


You are only as strong as your image. Prospects and buyers are investing in you, so it's worth it to invest in yourself. Use our expert copywriters to craft your story and develop a cohesive graphic brand and style.


We help you manage your communications to your constituents and the medical community, and court vital investors, strengthen your credibility and brand messaging, and extend your visibility, working as a tactical extension of your in-house teams.


The maximum impact results from a consistent presence. You'll build a foundation that effectively integrates online and offline efforts, so you'll be positioned to close more deals.


Law firms are measured by their results achieved on behalf of their clients. Navigating the complexities of online platforms is often beyond the reach of a time-restricted attorney, and conveying a consistent front for a larger organization is made simpler, with our support.